Combat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Are you suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CPRS? One form of CRPS is called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD. Do not be confused with the scientific terms. It helps to know the symptoms of these ailments and how it affects your body. Complex regional pain syndrome is a neurological problem that manifests through the following symptoms: extreme pain, skin discoloration, swelling of the area and sensitivity. These can be brought on even by everyday weather changes. CRPS can be a constant discomfort and regular medication cannot combat the pain.

The victims of Complex regional pain syndrome are looking for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome treatment that can alleviate their pain. Common treatments include physical therapy, muscle relaxants and painkillers. Since this ailment is not reactive to most treatments, most of the patients undergo unconventional methods. One of these is acupuncture.

This method is not that popular because it was not always backed-up by extensive research and studies. However, a significant number of patients who have CRPS turn to Chinese acupuncture. It serves to be effective to this people because it lessens the pain by specifically targeting the afflicted parts of the body that feels extreme pain.
Acupuncture involves a lot of needles so patients are initially reluctant to try it out. These needles are stuck in the parts of bodies that suffer from Complex regional pain syndrome. There is really nothing to worry about getting this method to help relieve of your pain. Just make sure that the person doing the process is an expert. Remember to relax and stay calm. Pretty soon you will feel a big difference. Pain is decreased and acupuncture is an effective Complex regional pain syndrome treatment.

However, the only thing that worries RSD patients is the needles that are used in this Chinese medication; a series of needles are to be stuck in parts of your body were pain resides. Better make sure that the person doing this medication knows exactly what he or she is doing for the patients to be secured from the pain of needles. As long as you stay calm when doing this medication and the person doing it is experienced, there is no need to worry. After the medication, you will feel a lot better.

Our bodies usually experience body pains which stems from the bones, muscles and joints. The affected areas would swell and the skin will turn purple or look like a bruise. For someone with Complex regional pain syndrome, that specific area will be extremely sensitive to touch. The victim will feel a severe burning pain from his inner muscles, bones or joints. A slight touch of a blanket can trigger such pain. This is how extreme sensitivity to simple movements can bring forth such torment.

The hardest part of having Complex Regional Pain Syndrome comes from the fact that your normal everyday activities will be hindered. You may not be able to walk around that much anymore. A simple touch from another person will hurt you. Any kind of sport or activity will no longer be enjoyed.