Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can affect anyone.

People are afflicted with this disease know how painful the situation really is. It is a neurological disorder and goes by the name of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD. It is also called by several names: Sudeck’s atrophy, Reflex Neurovascular Dystropgy or RND and Algoneurodystrophy. The affected region shows no visible nerve damages even if it is a neurological disorder. RSD is one form of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CPRS.

The following are the reported symptoms of RSD; severe burning pain, stiff joints, rapid and abnormal growth of nail and hair, plus muscle spasms. Another effect of RSD is the constriction of blood vessels which in turn causes vasospasm.

As mentioned above, there are two types of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. RSD is the first one and the other is called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy which is also known as Causalgia. The difference between the two is that in Causalgia, the affected areas reveal nerve lesions.

There are no known causes for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Patients with CRPS give no prominent reasons for contracting the illness. However, the possible reasons and causes for are injuries, diseases, and surgery. There are patients that do not have any of these reasons but they suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It is hard to pinpoint the reasons why people still suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

As mentioned, medical malpractice and negligence can cause RSD. There are many lawyers who deal with personal injury cases. They help these RSD victims recover their money for the costs incurred. A big part of contracting RSD stems from the negligence of the doctors and nurses in the health care clinics and the nursing homes. Their mistakes include surgical errors, wrong prescription and medication and non-sterilization of needles and medical equipments. These can be causes of RSD.

Personal injury laws dictate that that professional negligence and medical malpractice are offenses. The victims of these acts can file lawsuits and can therefore claim compensation for their damages. These damages are broken down into medical expenses, restricted lifestyle, post-injury unemployment and mental stress. Majority of the states have medical malpractice lawyers who offer help to the victims of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. States have varying personal injury laws so it would be best if one seeks the help of a specialized lawyer.

Lawyers with extensive experience in defending RSD victims can greatly be of benefit to you. They help you by checking all possibilities leading to your pain and by using valid claims to reveal the real cause of your problem. In addition, these lawyers will give you the advice to seek a specialist who will diagnose the precise causes of the disease. This can better support your case. Finding the truth is going to be your best defense. Seek the help of a personal injury lawyer to help alleviate the pain of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Your attorney will be the one to guide you during these rough times. Your recovery will come faster.